5 timeless trends

5 timeless trends

Some trends never go out of style.

These enduring decor favourites have proved they’re no passing fad, so for a safe
(but stylish) bet, try them in your home.

1. Minimalism


According to research, women who live in cluttered, messy environments experience more stress, as they produce higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Minimalism’s staying power is due not only to its effect on our environments, but our environment’s effect on us. Try these easy tips to incorporate minimalism into your home decor:

Start with neutral colours.

Use subdued, neutral colours as a base, keeping it simple. If you’d like to add colour, use pops of solid shades that
blend well with your neutral base and are easy on the eye. Different textures in similar, neutral colours can also be used to add interest.

Always choose quality over quantity.

Spend time choosing the furniture and decorative pieces you’d like to include. Make a point of saving up for high-quality, sustainable pieces you love instead of settling for inferior-quality items out of convenience. That way, you’ll end up with only the few items you’ve carefully chosen, keeping clutter to a minimum.

2. Comfortable style

Decor is important, but homes are meant to be lived in, first and foremost. The cosy, comfortable look is charming and inviting, and marries chic style with effortless, laid-back appeal.

Use different textiles in natural, warm tones, incorporate decor made from organic materials like wood and clay, and
highlight the comfort of furniture with oversized scatters and soft throws. Display items that evoke thoughts of cosiness, like floor-to-ceiling shelves packed with books and handmade throws and blankets.

You should also keep the lighting warm, using lamps and candles.

De-clutter surfaces

Kitchen counters, dining room tables and chairs in bedrooms tend to act as clutter magnets. Before you know it, homework, craft projects and general knick-knacks claim every available surface, creating a chaotic environment.
Do a sweep of your surfaces and decide which items need to go, which can be stored elsewhere and which you’d
like displayed.

3. Natural lighting

Natural lighting affects our moods and works closely with our circadian rhythms to moderate natural sleeping and waking cycles. It also looks fabulous, as the ever-changing light and shadow can transform any space. Use natural light to your advantage, letting in as much as possible, and include mirrors and metallics for it to bounce off.


4. Statement colours

Statement or accent colours are a great way to add life and personality to a space. In neutral-coloured rooms, splashes of colour in scatter cushions, artworks, rugs and ornaments can relieve monotony and create a sense of fun. Try to stick to just one statement colour to contrast with your base shade.


5. Black and white

Black and white decor is timeless, mixing clean simplicity with striking drama. Using black in any room is a good idea – it becomes a focal point to ground a sophisticated look. Try black furniture, accessories, light fixings or trims. White plays extremely well off black, providing a sharp, neat contrast.




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