Flea remedies

6 flea remedies to help relieve your pets

An uncomfortable pet can get on everyone’s nerves, so use these tips to relieve your pets from fleas.

Flea remedies6 flea remedies to help relieve your pets:

  • Keep an eye on your pet should he start to scratch more than usual, as this is the first sign of a tick or flea problem.
  • Regularly check your pets for ticks and fleas (even during the colder months, as these parasites are active throughout the year) by running a flea comb through the coat and making sure it touches the skin. Or, place an old white sheet under your pet and groom him. If you spot any black specks on the comb or on the sheet, it may be flea dirt.
  • Try the silicone grooming mitt, R37.95, with a reverse side for wiping off dust and dirt, from Woolworths’ range of pet accessories.
  • Keep your pets’ environment clean. Vacuum often, especially the carpets and couches, and don’t forget your car. Also remember to wash their bedding, toys and other soft items in warm water.
  • When walking your four-legged friend, avoid tick breeding grounds (bushy areas and spaces with tall grass).
  • Pets must be treated against ticks and fleas throughout the year to ensure they are protected. Speak to your vet about over-the-counter drops or oral medication.

Just one pipette of Frontline® Plus, applied once every four weeks, will kill fleas and break their life cycle. For more info, visit Frontlineplus.co.za.

Source: Merial Frontline® Plus



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