7 online tools to help you manage your money

7 online tools to help you manage your money

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Make looking after your financial health easier with these helpful platforms, recommended by chartered accountant and fintech company Prospa co-founder Dhanyal Davidson.



This handy app gives you a great overview of all your finances and allows you to link banking, savings and investment accounts so that you can keep control with an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s downloadable from the
Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.


If you’re saving towards a goal, you may not be getting the best possible interest rate. This comparison site uses
the information you provide about your savings plan to help you maximise your interest earnings and can also be used to request contact from product providers.

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Facebook group: Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grown-Up

If you’ve read Sam Beckbessinger’s eponymous book, you’ll know what to expect from the Facebook group: humorous, easy-to-understand, no-nonsense advice about managing your personal finances. Join the group for expert tips that you’ll be able to implement in your day-to-day spending and savings habits.


This app helps you insure high-risk items such as laptops and cellphones. Pineapple, which is a local start-up, helps make the process fun by using image recognition for quick and efficient protection. It’s available for iPhone and Android.


If you’re looking for more complex investment tools, this platform is designed for stock market investments. You’ll find hosted individual stocks and funds to invest in, be able to open a tax-free investment account and access a range of educational content.


Cryptocurrencies are still a mystery to many of us. Luno will help you learn more about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, and is an easy departure point for first-time buyers. You’ll find loads of educational content and enjoy easy navigation using the simple interface.



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