7 ways to let your body language do the talking

7 ways to let your body language do the talking

Check out these tips for making a good impression using your body language.

If you get nervous in social situations, try Joburg-based executive business and life coach, Janice Hanly’s nifty tips on how your body language can help you make a good impression:

  1. Be aware of your body. If you’re terrified, it shows up in your posture with tense, hunched shoulders and overall stiffness that screams ‘terror’.
  2. Consciously try to relax and sit with your hands open and loosely placed on your legs to give a sense of joy and openness.
  3. Make eye contact and lean in towards the person you’re talking to, to show them you’re interested.
  4. Maintain a relaxed posture, and face the person you’re talking to; this is so important for really engaging with them.
  5.  Avoid crossing your arms when chatting to someone as it immediately creates a barrier between the two of you.
  6. Avoid facing your feet and legs away from the person you’re talking to as this makes you look like you’re ready to leave at any moment and doesn’t invite further discussion.
  7. Be fully engaged with each person you talk to by really connecting to them and your conversation with all your senses.


Feature: Candice Curtis and photo from fotolia.com



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