Bunny Q&A with Cristina Botef from The Lonehill Bunnies

Bunny Q&A with Cristina Botef from The Lonehill Bunnies

Christina gives advice on how to introduce a new bunny to a family who already has a bunny… 


Q If you already have a pet bunny, how do you properly introduce a new bunny to the family?
A The process of introducing bunnies to each other is called bonding, and there are lots of little tips and tricks to keep in mind. First thing: if old enough, both bunnies must be sterilised. Although cute and fluffy, bunnies are extremely territorial and can be very aggressive at times. That’s why you need to remove the hormonal behaviour. Bunnies must be matched on personality rather than things like fur colour.
In most cases you also want to match boys and girls rather than one sex. Keep in mind that determining the gender of a bunny is often tricky and often leads to many unwanted babies being born. Sexing bunnies must be done by someone with experience such as a vet.
Once sterilised, the two bunnies must be introduced on neutral ground: a place such as a bathroom, where there is no bunny scent marking to it, and the situation should be monitored. Some hair pulling and possibly mounting is normal as the bunnies have to establish a packing order. In some rare cases two bunnies will never get along, but there are lots of things to try before giving up. Because of this, it’s important to make an informed decision as to who the new bunny should be ahead of the introduction.

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