Author’s corner: Stacey Lewis

Author’s corner: Stacey Lewis

Stacey Lewis, founder of chats to us about her book.

What inspired the book?

‘I launched in November 2015 and due to the overwhelming response, I decided to write a book that would literally be a companion to anyone going through a divorce or break-up. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and my passion is assisting and inspiring divorcees to work through their pain towards finding the gifts hidden within their situation and using them to create a beautiful new beginning.’


How did writing help you through your healing process?

‘My husband decided to divorce in 2008. I kept journals during this painful time, but I only wrote the book in 2016. I found journaling to be exceptionally cathartic at the time. Although my divorce was many years ago, I found the writing of this book to be a healing experience, even after all the years that had passed. The writing process also facilitated much self-analysis; I definitely grew through this process.’


What new projects are you working on?

‘I’m currently working on two other books. The first is a collaboration and is fiction based on fact, telling the stories of many divorcees I’ve coached, and dealing with infidelity. It looks at both sides of infidelity, from the perspective of the ‘cheater’ and ‘cheated on’.

‘The second is From Breakup to Breakthrough and is also a collaboration. I’m working with Debbie Ford Transformation Coach, and attorney, Phillippa Levitt, on this self-help book, which will equip readers with tools and processes that’ll allow them to ultimately transform their divorce experience.’

Stacey’s book, Divorce 101: Survive and Thrive, is available at leading bookshops.

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