Build your daughter's self esteem

Build your daughter’s self esteem

Build your daughters self esteemGrowing up, especially when you’re a young woman, is  challenging at the best of times with the pressures of friends, society and the media. But, you can help make it easier for your daughter with these tips to help build her self-confidence…

Tune into her world Watching TV together is a great way of helping her form sound ideas and opinions. It’s an open door to conversations surrounding popularity, peer-pressure and acceptable behaviour. Done conversationally and not like a lecture, this could be one of your best vehicles for helping her develop and discover who she is and wants to be…

Compliments When last did you firstly accept a compliment, and secondly think to yourself, ‘She’s right, I genuinely look awesome in this!’ (… or know it already)? Teach your daughter to give and accept compliments graciously. Girls can become jealous and selfish, growing up in a house where a culture of giving isn’t encouraged. The rule to enforce is just listen and say ‘thank you’, and nothing else!

Respect is an undervalued trait these days. It provides boundaries for your morals and values, and defines your reputation with everyone around you. Self-respect empowers you to make good choices in life. Girls learn respect from moms who make good choices and have attained standards they wish to live by. However, being overly kind and giving in to her every whim will have your daughter seeing you as a pushover. Upholding reasonable decisions and age-appropriate boundaries will earn her respect, even if it doesn’t seem like it and is difficult at the time.

Integrity Don’t gossip. Having her hear you gossiping to one friend about another will erode her trust in and respect for you. Be the same person to all people and she will model herself by your example. It teaches her that she needn’t change herself for anyone either, which is a good start and solid foundation in the path to accepting and loving herself.


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