Choosing the best dog for you

Choosing the best dog for you

Choosing a breed of dog that will fit in with your lifestyle is the best way to ensure a lifetime of happiness for both your pet and the family. Here’s a short guide to a perfect match…

Best dog for you

  • If you’re single and live in a flat: consider a toy breed like a pug, Yorkshire terrier or toy poodle.
  • For families: dogs with calm and tolerant personalities are best. Basset hounds, Labradors (active families), Welsh corgis, golden retrievers, Irish setters and mixed breeds are good choices.
  • If you’ll take your dog everywhere: small breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkies are ideal.
  • For fitness fanatics: if you enjoy daily walks or runs, boxers and Weimaraners are great companions. Families who enjoy watersports can’t go wrong with Labradors or golden retrievers.
  • Mildly allergic: if allergies are a consideration, Maltese poodles have close to no dander. Note that dander doesn’t refer to the fur of the dog but to the old skin scales that are shed, causing allergic reactions in humans.
  • If you need a protector: German shepherds are known for their intelligence and protective, loyal natures. Most Dobermanns, Rottweilers and bull terriers also have the potential to be good guard dogs.
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