Eating healthily on a budget

Eating healthily on a budget

eating healthily on a budget

Yes, buying a pie is easier and cheaper than eating salmon and veggies, but in the long run, your health will pay the price.

Good planning and preparation are key to eating healthier without breaking the bank.


Make time to plan your meals and make a list before grocery shopping. This way you’ll buy only what you need. Avoid
going to the shops (and being led into temptation) daily, rather shop once a week.

Go seasonal

Fruits and vegetables in season are flavour-packed, more nutritious and cheaper.

Buy locally

Locally sourced produce will cost you less, as will buying from your local greengrocers and markets.

Grow your own

Growing vegetables, herbs and fruit is easier than you think and can be done in a small patch in your backyard or in boxes or pots on your patio. This way you can also have organic produce at a fraction of the price.


Start cooking

One of the keys to eating healthily on a budget is to get cooking. Preparing your own meals is associated with higher diet quality and lower spending on food. Eating out or buying precooked meals costs more.

Be clever

Precut or prepared fruit, veggies and meats are more expensive, so do it yourself. Buy cheaper cuts of meat – although these are tougher, they’re perfect for slow or pressure cooking and full of flavour. Wholegrains and
beans are a healthy way to bulk up meals, too.


Frozen food is just as nutritious as fresh. Freeze leftovers and fresh produce that’s in season or on sale to use later.


Use offcuts

Don’t waste anything. Regrow your scraps or use them to make soups, syrups, fritters and pestos.


Avoid processed foods

It’s healthier to avoid packaged or tinned foods. If you do, opt for those with less ingredients so you’re more aware of what you’re eating. Soaking beans requires planning, but it’s cheaper than tinned; the same goes for tinned tomatoes.

If you need help managing your weight, the Cambridge Weight Plan has flexible programmes to fit in with your lifestyle.



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