What is EQ, and why do your kids need it?

What is EQ, and why do your kids need it?

EQ, or emotional intelligence, can be just as important as IQ when it comes to getting along in life…

EQ and kids

And the good news is, although IQ is largely static, with the right influences EQ can increase throughout a child’s life.

As a parent, you have the opportunity and the responsibility to most significantly alter your child’s EQ. For this reason, it’s important how you handle your own emotions in front of your child.

EQ refers to how you handle your own feelings and how well you empathise and get along with other people. It’s a key human skill that includes self-awareness, self-discipline and empathy. It has different aspects, and people may score better on some fronts than others. The first is the ability to understand, identify and control your own feelings, and the second has to do with the ability to influence the emotions of others.

EQ is key to the following areas of life, all areas where a high IQ is not always critical:

  1. Making good decisions
  2. Getting along with other people
  3. Making friends
  4. Being comfortable dating
  5. Progressing in the workplace

From this it’s easy to see how EQ is key to your child’s progression in the world. You can foster healthy emotional development in your child by:

  1. Not telling them how to feel.
  2. Sharing your own emotions with your child, and creating a home environment where the expression of emotion is encouraged and not stifled.
  3. Letting your child know you understand what they are feeling, even if you don’t agree with the reason.
  4. Helping younger children develop their emotional vocabulary. She may use ‘sad’ to describe emotional states ranging from frightened and bored to angry and upset. Help her out by exploring different ways to describe her feelings.
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