How to hang a gallery wall

How to hang a gallery wall

Tips and tricks to get your gallery wall looking just right.


Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, creating a gallery with your favourite photos and prints can instantly add style to your wall space. Here’s how:

  1. Find the right wall in your home – you’ll need a fairly large, blank space. Passageways, wall space above a couch or mantelpiece, or alongside a staircase work best.
  2. Select the photos and prints you’d like to hang, and frame each piece individually. Gallery walls that combine a variety of art mediums (such as photos and prints), and frame styles and sizes, usually look
    best. Choose pieces that have a common thread – perhaps all your photos or prints contain a certain colour. Looking for a more classic, refined look? No problem! Opt for identical frames spaced evenly.
  3. Measure and tape off the amount of wall space you want to fill both on the wall and on a section of clean floor. Use the measured floor space to arrange your frames the way you’d like them to appear on the wall – mix and match until you find a layout you love. Once you’ve settled on an arrangement, take a photo with your phone for easy reference. Note: When spacing your frames, leave an equal amount of space between each piece – roughly 5-10cm. 
  4. Start hanging: hang your largest frame first and work from the centre of the wall outwards. Alternatively, to be extra sure of your layout, outline your frames onto a piece of paper, cut them out and, using masking tape, attach them to the wall first. Place matching frames over the paper and hang! Use a spirit level to ensure your pieces are straight or ask someone reliable who’s standing a few metres back to check your work.


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