Have fun outdoors!

Have fun outdoors!

Have fun outdoors!

‘Physical exercise is a healthy way of expending energy, de-stressing and developing healthy bodies and minds,’ says Kate Bailey, occupational therapist and Pampers Institute expert. ‘Both sunshine and exercise build stronger bodies and immune systems, and are responsible for positive mood states and better sleep.’
Try these tips to get your kids to want to go out and play.

• Make outdoor activities fun
Plan the event together. This makes children feel special and adds to the excitement and anticipation. Encourage your children to be creative and come up with their own wonderful ideas, letting you know their unique preferences.

• Collect some equipment
Building or purchasing outdoor or sporting equipment entices children to want to be outside.

• Invite family or friends
Having friends or family around to play often entices children to be more active.

• Involve the pets
Being with animals is very motivating for many children.

• Plan structured games
Children love to play games. These promote social interaction, concentration, memory, listening and learning.

• Let your children feel bored
Boredom is the beginning of creativity. When there’s no entertainment on offer, children naturally gravitate towards the outdoors, nature and physical activity.
A well-fitting nappy means your child can be comfortable and focus on playing – not on their nappy

Of course if your baby is focusing on his nappy – his ability to learn and play will be diminished.
Pampers Active Baby-Dry nappies with leg barriers for better leakage protection, elastic sides that adapt to the shape of your baby and a breathable and soft outer sheet for comfortable wear mean that these distractions are a thing of the past.


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