Adoption for older pets

Help! My older pets are up for adoption.

Adopting older pets

A reader asks Dr Platzhund on the chances of people adopting pets that are over eight years old.

Q: I’m relocating, and unfortunately I’m forced to find new homes for my two dogs and cat, all over the age of 8. I’ve placed adverts at vets in my area, but haven’t received any feedback. What are my other options?

A: Finding new homes for older pets is often difficult, as there are already younger animals looking for homes at a variety of shelters and animal welfare organisations. People are less likely to adopt older animals, because that’s when health problems arise. You must be prepared to have your pets separated if you do find homes for them. This could be stressful for them since they may have bonded, but they’ll adapt to their new environment eventually. You could also try ‘advertising’ on Facebook, sending a group mail to your contact list, and using notice boards at work and at your local supermarket. Should you find a home for your pets, you must take responsibility to do a house check and ensure the potential home has a secure garden where they can run around. You could also enquire at rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing centres, such as Kitty & Puppy Haven and the SPCA.


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