Plan ahead for vet consultations

How do I plan ahead for vet consultations ?


Saving-for-vet-consultationsA reader who struggles to afford medication and vet consultations asks Dr Platzhund how plan ahead for pet sicknesses.

Q: Accidents and illnesses can happen on the spur of the moment, and when they do I find it difficult to afford the medications and vet consultation fees. How can I best plan ahead for these costs of my pets?

A: Vet fees can be rather alarming, but that’s because all the parameters of the profession usually take place under one roof. The veterinarian is the GP, laboratory technician, surgeon, dentist, gynaecologist, dermatologist, oncologist, radiologist, and nutritionist, which actually makes vet fees far more affordable than ours. For these reasons, it’s advisable for pet owners to consider pet medical aid. Petsure, Medipet and One Pet offer insurances with varying categories of health cover, and clearly defined benefits and premiums according to the numbers of pets and risks. Usually the policies cover vet visits, prescribed medication, x-rays, blood tests, accidents, illness, owner liability, prescription food, advertising and rewards, boarding fees, theft and death. The companies have certain exclusions, such as hereditary and congenital defects, pre-existing conditions, behaviour problems, pregnancy, normal diets, grooming, elective procedures and conditions that could have been prevented with responsible owner care.


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