How to catch up at work

How to catch up at work

how to catch up at work

Whether you’ve fallen behind on your work after taking annual leave, been off ill or are simply not the best time manager, these tips will help you refocus and get on top of that to-do list.


Address your weaknesses

When you’ve fallen behind, look at the habits that have contributed to the lag (distractions such as your phone and personal life), and get this work avoidance behaviour under control immediately.

Inspect your to-do list

Is everything on it your responsibility? Sometimes it’s easier to take something on yourself than make the time to teach or delegate to someone else. Is it prioritised, or just a jumble of tasks? Delegating and prioritising are worth the time and can reduce your workload substantially.

Inspect your workplace

Is it cluttered and disordered? A clean working environment will be far less stressful and help you get on top of things sooner.

‘Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments’. — Jim Rohn

Create a bubble

Whether it’s sticking in your earphones or closing your door, shutting out office chatter will make it easier to knuckle down.

Break it up

Take big tasks and break them up into smaller bits and list these instead. You’ll feel motivated if you can keep chipping away at your to-do pile, rather than feeling the burden of a single task or assignment until its completion.


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