How to: organise any room like a pro

How to: organise any room like a pro

You don’t need to hire a professional organiser to sort out the clutter in your home.

With these simple ideas and tricks, you’ll learn how to cleverly organise any room in your home.

From the bedroom to the kitchen, every space fills a specific function, but none of them have to look like a bomb has hit it. Tuck away those TV remotes and DVDs in the TV room, and pack those sauces and spices neatly around the stove in the kitchen.


When you come home form a long day, the first thing you usually do is throw your handbags, laptops and accessories onto the floor or a chair. By the end of the week (or two) the result is a messy chair with piles of handbags and hats. Here’s a tip: Don’t throw out that old vintage sideboard you inherited from your grandmother. Instead, incorporate it into your bedroom and use it as storage space for your handbags, shoes, sunglasses and other accessories.


Entrance hall

Use your range of hats and scarves as a decorative element in your entrance hall. This is an attractive and easy way to store them and no one has to know you secretly keep them there for convenience every morning. You can also use this space to store your children’s sports equipment and bags for easy access.

Tip: A basket will keep essential items within reach, yet neatly stored. Scarves can be kept handy, but out of the way.

The cooking station

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Because most houses are open plan, the kitchen is always in sight, so it’s important to keep it neat with everything in its place and easily accessible for cooking. Condiments, spices and oils
around the stove are a necessity, but can look extremely messy. Keep the items you use most next to the stove in
a tray so they look neat and are easy to reach.

Tip: use an old cake stand as a fruit and vegetable holder. It’ll look pretty enough to place on your centre table or cabinet.

TV room

The TV room is the family’s ‘time-out’ space where everyone gets together to bond after a long day or week. Car keys, reading glasses, magazines, and DVDs all end up on the coffee table, and blankets are left thrown all over the sofas. Use a bowl for remotes, a basket for DVDs, a magazine rack, and a big basket for the blankets.

Tip: use a mirror as a tray to keep the remotes, glasses and cellphones together.


Make things easy with a storage cabinet with drawers where you can keep your toiletries, personal grooming
items and bath towels.

Tip: use tealight holders to keep ear buds or small jewellery items like rings, earrings and hair pins together.



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