Life skills for leaving home

Life skills for leaving home

How to make sure your teen is ready to fly the nest…


Catering to your child by literally taking care of their every need isn’t going to make them a responsible adult at the age of 18. As parents, we love our children, and want to give them the best life possible and shield them from the difficulties of the world. However, it’s extremely important that we encourage them to learn how to be self-sufficient from a young age. ‘I always say, don’t be afraid to talk to your children,’ says our Parenting features writer Lauren. ‘Show them and teach them that they are enough, they are confident and capable.’

The 10 most important life skills your teen needs to learn before leaving home are:

  1. How to cook a few budget-friendly (and healthy!) meals from scratch.
  2. How to write a curriculum vitae.
  3. How to create and stick to a budget. Plus, she needs to be aware of how to use credit responsibly.
  4. How to pay bills.
  5. How to do her own washing and ironing.
  6. Basic car repair maintenance such as changing a tyre or jumpstarting in an emergency.
  7. Personal healthcare and hygiene – she needs to know how to self-diagnose common illnesses and which over-the-counter medicines to ask for.
  8. Basic first aid.
  9. Basic household maintenance such as fixing a dripping tap or leaky toilet.
  10. Manners and social etiquette – these two will get her far!


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