How to make feedback less painful

How to make feedback less painful

Feedback in the workplace isn’t personal…

feedback in the workplace

Ask for feedback: Criticism is easier to take if you’re prepared for it. Ask your boss what she perceives to be your biggest weakness and actively try to improve on it.

Use it and move on: Often we become fixated on criticism and why we think it’s factually wrong. This is why feedback often backfires and doesn’t achieve its intended goal – to help us improve.

If you disagree, consider whether… there’s a breakdown in communication; you need to admit that your boss is right, even if it hurts; or, perhaps it’s time to accept you and your boss have a personality clash. If you’ll never agree, it might be best for you to move on.

Use these 3 steps to offer feedback – but do it at different times and not all at once…

1. Praise accomplishments

2. Give advice on how to improve

3. Rate performance

Avoid judging character – try to focus on a staff member’s performance in a specific area, and don’t make it personal.

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