How to avoid burnout at work

How to avoid burnout at work

how to avoid burnout at work

We give of our best when our work and relationships have meaning for us. Follow these steps to determine your reasons to be in your job… or not!

What is your mission?

Ask yourself whether the benefits of what you do give you satisfaction and fulfilment. Understand your role and its desired outcome.

Be yourself

It will encourage colleagues to be themselves too, and result in a culture of openness where everyone works towards
a common goal.

Choose a company where you’ll ‘feel safe’

This kind of culture leads to better results for the company and supports staff members who derive meaning from work by investing more effort and ingenuity.


Be open to others

Listening to what others say makes them feel valued, even if their ideas aren’t implemented.

Use your strengths

Connecting with others makes us feel we belong, which is a basic human need. Pulling your weight will help you feel energised, engaged and committed.

Grow your skills and learn to refresh and deepen meaning in your work

Being allowed the freedom to decide how to achieve desired results allows you to be creative, shows trust, and opens your company up to new possibilities.


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