Speed up your PC in 15 minutes

Speed up your PC in 15 minutes

speed up your PC in 15 minutes

Follow these four simple steps to eliminate sluggish or unnecessary programs.

If your computer takes ages to boot up, bear in mind it’s most likely the software running on it that’s slowing it down, rather than a hardware problem.

  1. You probably don’t need to run every program every time you switch on your computer. In the Start search bar, type MSconfig and untick items on the list you don’t need to run each time.
  2. Google Chrome trumps Internet Explorer for speedy surfing, so make it your default browser and under More Tools you’ll be able to clear your browsing history, cookies and temporary files taking up space.
  3. Don’t ignore update requests. To automate the process go to My Computer/Properties/Automatic Updates and make sure it’s set to Download and Install Automatically.
  4. Uninstall programs you don’t use. There are many leaner, easier and faster apps that can replace those your PC came with.


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