Top 10 things to keep at your desk

Top 10 things to keep at your desk

Essentials to keep at work…


These are our top 10 things to keep at your desk:

  1. Flats: a spare pair will save your feet when heels get too much.
  2. A reusable water bottle: no excuse not to get your eight a day if it’s right there.
  3. Healthy snacks/herbal teas: having something light on hand will stop you giving in to temptation.
  4. Hair ties/bobby pins: a lifesaver on a hot day, or during more manual tasks.
  5. Hand cream: reapply whenever you’ve washed your hands.
  6. A scarf or wrap: if the aircon’s too cold.
  7. Sanitary products: because you never know.
  8. Nail file: a snagging nail can ruin your clothes.
  9. Eye drops: keep eye strain to a minimum by lubricating your eyes.
  10. Tissues: it’s allergy season, after all.

Our team added a few more to this list: a sewing kit, inspirational quote, painkillers, sticky notes and lint brush also get the nod!



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