Family Life

Family Life

From pets to parenting, Your Family magazine has the low down on what you need to be the best mom you can be.


How to buy a house

Make the right choices & you’ll strike gold with a home for life! Buying a house is one of the


5 cool ways to display family photos

Great ways to showcase all your favourite memories! Natasha Andreoni and Carmen Niemand from Nestling Photography reveal their favourite ways to display


How to hang a gallery wall

Tips and tricks to get your gallery wall looking just right. Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, creating a gallery


Making cut flowers last

Make your bouquet last with these tips. Whether picked from the garden or received as a gift, cut flowers can


Toolbox essentials

Make sure you have these must-have items in your toolbox… Screwdriver set Measuring tape Hammer Duct tape Torch Utility knife


Retirement calculator

How much should you be saving towards your pension every month? A Retirement calculator is not all you need When


Author’s corner: Mark Winkler

Mark chats to us about his latest novel. Mark Winkler, author of the novels An Exceptionally Simple Theory (of Absolutely


Colour and your mood

How decorators use colour to create ‘looks’ or ‘moods’. The best decorators have an innate ‘colour sensitivity’. They understand the


Pet Insurance 101

The low-down on pet insurance When a beloved pet becomes ill or is injured in an accident, you’ll do anything


Bond payment calculator

Work out a possible bond repayment… Bond payments a daunting prospect Many of us consider ourselves truly ‘grown up’ when


Grow your scraps

Offcuts are not only economical and easier to grow than seeds, it’s also magical to watch them flourish! Celery, spring


Kale cheese treats

Whip up a batch of yummy kale cheese treats for your pooch! INGREDIENTS 250ml flour 250ml kale, chopped 125ml grated


Laundry made easy

Tackle your laundry duty one load at a time with these handy tips… Leave your washing machine or tumble dryer


Quotes celebrating spring

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, celebrate it with these delightful quotes… “In the spring, at the end