10 healthy snack-pack choices

10 healthy snack-pack choices

Instead of packing potato crisps and sweets into your kids’ lunchboxes, substitute them with these healthy lunchbox fillers.

Healthy-snack-pack-choices10 healthy snack-pack choices

  • Popcorn is a great alternative to crisps – watch the salt though!
  • Fruit kebabs make a tasty sweet option – combine fruit that’s in season with a drizzle of honey for added sweetness.
  • Mini cheese wheels with a few healthy wholewheat biscuits make for a great snack.
  • Make home-made smoothies in juice bottles. Try our Super Smoothie.
  • Make this healthy 30-day Muffin Mix and save time and money by planning ahead!
  • These Homemade Dried Fruit and Chocolate Energy Bars are the perfect alternative to sugar-laden instore bars.
  • Freeze some grapes. These are not only refreshing on hot days but also reduce sugar cravings!
  • Add cinnamon to full fat Greek yoghurt for a suprisingly tasty snack.
  • Make a large salad and divide into smaller containers for healthy and easy to eat snacks. Or, try our homemade Dried Fruit Chips, they are easy to make and delicious too!

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