Thanks, MOM

Thanks, MOM

McCain South Africa encourages children around the country to say thank you to Mom

Moms are incredibly special creatures, they always know exactly what you need even if you don’t say it. They have superpowers to help find that lost homework book, their hugs can turn a bad day into a good one, and their food always seems to taste delicious no matter what they cook. McCain South Africa wanted to dive a little deeper into these little things and recently visited three schools across the country, with their new ambassador Jessi, to see what the children really wanted to thank their moms for, and how they really feel about them and all that they do.

McCain and Jessi visited Grade 8 classes at Forte Secondary School in Soweto, Bryanston High School in Bryanston, and Zonnebloem Nest Secondary School in Cape Town. At each of the schools, Jessi, who appears in McCain’s new TV advert, spoke about how McCain helped her surprise her superhero, her mom Nadine. Together with McCain, Jessi created a special dinner to thank her mom for everything she has done for her. Like many single moms, Nadine faces challenges but works incredibly hard to support them both and to be the best mom she can be, so to have a special thank you from her daughter meant the world to her.

Jessi chatted to the Grade 8s about her story, she then asked the classes to share their stories about their moms in the form of an essay. Some of the children spoke about how their moms had sacrificed things for them so that they could get a new school uniform, go on that camp, or join the soccer team because she got them new boots. The stories that came out really showcased the selflessness of moms, and how they will go above and beyond to make sure that their children have everything they need. This is why McCain is so passionate about saying thank you to these remarkable women.

There were so many beautiful stories that they shared, but five really stood out for all involved. So, McCain has decided to do something special with those five stories. The children who wrote the chosen stories will be able to thank their moms with a special surprise that McCain South Africa will help them create.

So keep a look out for more information on the McCain school activations and the chosen stories and surprises on McCain’s social media platforms.

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