Pre-holiday checklist

Pre-holiday checklist

Put the house to bed with this checklist and sit back and relax… 

Pre-holiday checklist

  • Switch off your geyser at the electricity box.
  • Unplug telephones and all electronic equipment.
  • Cancel newspaper delivery. Uncollected newspapers and mail acts as a signal that a house is not occupied.
  • Empty the bins.
  • Check to see what you can take with from the fridge and give away stuff that could rot before you return. Or switch the fridge off completely.
  • Set timers for the lights (if you have them). They give the impression that your home’s occupied, and are inexpensive, easy to operate and can be brought from good DIY stores.
  • Trim the lawn a day or two before you leave.
  • Leave keys and contact details with a trustworthy neighbour.
  • Check to see if there are any dripping taps which haven’t been closed tightly.
  • If you have a home security system, make sure it’s working properly before you go away.
  • If you have a Neighbourhood Watch in your area, let them know your plans so that they can keep an eye on your house.

Source: ADT Security.

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