"What I've learnt from fatherhood..."

“What I’ve learnt from fatherhood…”

See what these celebrities have to say about what fatherhood has taught them…

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‘I’m blessed to have fathered a son later in my life, and have the time to appreciate him, see his development and guide him as his personality develops. It’s truly a gift from the universe. Seeing him evolve is priceless, and the responsibility that comes with fathering is absolutely rewarding’
– Riaan Venter, Die Nutsman

‘Being a dad to two girls has taught me to be very patient. As much as they can be all over the place, all they want is to know that Dad is on their side once in a while’
– Shona Ferguson, actor

‘When my kids are being completely unreasonable, outrageous, and terribly annoying – and trust me, it happens – I embrace those moments as little treasures disguised in the form of challenges; they’re another opportunity to grow’
– Seal, musician

‘Fatherhood has given me direction, responsibility, and shown me love like I’ve never felt before! I’m surprised everyday by this incredible journey and always ready to learn and grow from the unexpected!’
– Janez Vermeiren, TV presenter

‘I love being a father; it’s wonderful and has changed my life. My daughters are the most important people in my life.
All the clichés are true – “I hope my kids don’t turn out like me”. I have those feelings too. The key is optimism’
– Ben Affleck, actor

‘Fatherhood has taught me to be a better man all round – a great dad, leading by example, and in turn, a better
husband, brother and son.’
– Ed Jordan, musician

‘When you have kids, you grow up. People said that to me. I’ve just started to realise that actually, having children  changes the world’
– David Beckham, soccer superstar


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