Sense of humour

Sense of humour

Sense of humourWhen you’re feeling totally overwhelmed, take a moment to take a step back. Try to view your situation as an observer would – this is known as ‘reframing’, and experts say it works!

When things seem particularly ridiculous and frustrating, recognise the potential humour in just how ridiculously frustrating and annoying it is. In your imagination, take the situation to an extreme until you find yourself amused. For example, when you’re waiting in a long queue at the shop, imagine that hours pass, then days, visualising yourself accepting visits from loved ones from your new home in this ultra-long line, holding your children’s birthday parties in aisle seven so you can be there to enjoy them… you get the picture!

Regularly treat yourself to time out to watch the odd comedy, read funny books or have a ‘funny buddy’ – someone with the same sense of humour as you, and share your frustrations to get perspective on things. It’s also good to remember everyone experiences stress at times. The important thing is how you process it.


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