Slang guide for parents

Slang guide for parents

With netspeak advancing (some might say deteriorating) at a rate mostly due to kids like ours, we bring you a recent list of trending terminology in an attempt to keep us all in the loop!

Slang guide for parentsIt’s perhaps disconcerting to hear that according to, beyond YOLO – You Only Live Once for those NOT in the know, which is a lovely sentiment as long as it’s not the precursor to your child jumping off a bridge – there are a further documented 9 048 slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed on their site. It’s indeed the go-to site to bookmark to consult whenever you have no idea what your tween/teen’s talking about…

10 most popular slang look-ups

  1. SMEXI – Smart and Sexy (Oi!)
  2. IMO – In My Opinion (used liberally we’re sure)
  3. :3 – Cute/goofy face
  4. KML – Killing Myself Laughing
  5. GOMB – Get Off My Back (We can hear it already, ‘GOMB Mom!’)
  6. KOTL – Kiss On The Lips (Hopefully not!)
  7. KOS – Kill On Sight (Is it just us or is netspeak often very aggressive?!)
  8. SIAP – Sorry If Already Posted (*Attention-seeker!)
  9. DELISH – Thankfully, still delicious!
  10. SIS – Thankfully, still sister!

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