Sleep like a baby

5 tips to help your child sleep better

Sleep for growing babies is essential. Get you and your child to sleep better with 5 these helpful tips.

Sleep like a baby












1. Don’t pursue sleep as if it’s a milestone.

The most important thing to know is that ‘sleeping through’ should not be the goal, and that babies are individuals like adults, with differing sleep needs.

2. Be humane!

Small babies need to be comforted and held close for optimal emotional security and development – if this need is responded to, baby (and mom!) will sleep better and more. Co-sleeping safely is an excellent sleep strategy.

3. Don’t keep a tired baby awake.

Don’t try and keep baby awake during the day thinking that he’ll sleep better at night. This usually just makes night sleep more disturbed.

4. White noise is good!

Don’t strive for absolute silence when babies (no matter the age) sleep. Normal background sounds can be very relaxing and reassuring.

5. The power of practical planning.

Plan ahead for wakeful nights by having everything at hand that you might need – nappies, bottles, formula, remedies, etc. Do what you have to right there in your bed so that you don’t have to wake totally and can cuddle down together to continue sleep.

Even though it takes more than a nappy to ensure that your baby sleeps well, the use of a high absorbency nappy that offers superior skin protection is a good start, as your baby is less likely to wake up during the night as a result of skin irritation.

We love the fact that Pampers® has incorporated a wetness indicator into sizes 0-3 of its Pampers Premium Care with 5 Star Skin Protection range of nappies. The wetness indicator strip on the nappy turns from yellow to blue when in contact with fluid. It’s a useful tool for parents so that they don’t have to wake baby unnecessarily to change her nappy.

Renelle N, a mom and user of Pampers Premium Care says, ‘Pampers Premium Care is the best. My two year old sleeps right through the night, and she’s always happy because she’s always dry. I wouldn’t change to any other brand, and I always tell my family and friends about Pampers Premium Care being such a great nappy.’


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