Taking your toddler on a cruising holiday

Taking your toddler on a cruising holiday

Most toddlers are not the easiest of travellers. With no regular nap times, late nights, ‘strange’ food and a general break in routine, even the happiest of toddlers can turn quite grumpy. And with this, your much-anticipated holiday can turn into a nightmare!

A cruise can offer the solution to many problems associated with travelling with children. Development Promotions lists five reasons why cruising is the way to go when you’re travelling with little ones:

  1. A cruise ship can offer you early dining options and preferred dining seating

Book early and you’ll be able to secure your preferred dinner seating. You can pick an early dinner slot if you know your little one doesn’t handle late nights well. Or, you can opt for ships that offer a 24-hour buffet.

  1. Need a break? Make use of the dedicated children’s areas

Most family-friendly lines offer either play spaces for the under-3s or parent-baby playtimes in the kids’ club. It’s a great way to let kids play freely in a baby-proof environment. Some cruise lines will even let you borrow toys for in-cabin use.

Even at night, you can enjoy some time off. Some cruises offer a ‘Night Nursery’, which is open from 6pm to 2am nightly. Parents are contacted via a pager, should their infant wake. Other cruise lines will offer a baby-sitting option so that you can enjoy a romantic date night at sea.

  1. Laundry services to the rescue

Travelling with toddlers tends to equal messy eating and as a result lots of dirty laundry. Instead of packing three outfits per day, you can make use of the ship’s laundry service.  Some ships will even offer a self-service launderette, which is obviously the more affordable option.

  1. Book a balcony cabin for those long naptimes

Although it might be slightly more expensive, it’s a good idea to book a balcony cabin if you’re travelling with little ones. You will be able to soak up the sun while your baba is napping peacefully inside the cabin.

  1. Enjoy kid-friendly excursions

Family-friendly cruises will organise a wide range of excursions geared towards families at their ports of call. They’ll offer arranged transport, entrance fees and English speaking guides.

If you feel an organised tour is not the way to go with your little one, you can explore on your own. Make sure you research ports in advance for playgrounds and parks, beaches and children’s museums.


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