7 Trampoline safety tips that all parents need to know

7 Trampoline safety tips that all parents need to know

trampoline safety tips

While trampolines have always been a source of fun (and fitness!) for both adults and kids, they do come with the threat of injuries, especially to young children. Here are 7 trampoline safety tips that could save your child’s life.

Watch out for the following trampoline safety tips so that they can still have fun while being safe…

  1. Never install your trampoline near trees, poles or fences. It’s a good idea to ensure a safety perimeter of at least three metres around your trampoline.
  2. Train your kids to jump safely – not too high, not too harshly, and when they’re tired they should take a break.
  3. Check the surface of the mat for moisture – wet mats are slippery and can lead to incorrect landings and unnecessary injuries.
  4. Discourage somersaults and double bouncing as there’s a risk of head and neck injuries. Other injuries can include sprains or fractures.
  5. Children under the age of six are unable to control their bouncing. Consider purchasing a mini trampoline specifically for their age group.
  6. Look out for clothing with drawstrings that may become caught between springs and lead to injuries, and remove jewellery and objects in pockets before jumping.
  7. Always check there’s no object (or person hiding!) under the trampoline before using it, and make sure children are always supervised.
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