Transform your home for winter

Transform your home for winter


5 tips to give your home the snug factor

The temperature is dropping, which means it’s time to put away cooling colours and create a warm, cosy
sanctuary for the family to curl up in.


If your home’s still geared for sunny days and balmy nights, it’s time to get winter-ready. Think soft, swaddled evenings, warm, rosy glows and relaxing with a mug of hot chocolate in hand. Here are five ways to go about
transforming your home for the cold season:

1. Establish a cosy corner

A designated snuggle-space is a must for winter – a spot dedicated to ultimate comfort and relaxation, where you can settle in to read a good book and forget about the cold outside. First, choose a space for this in your home – whether in the living room, bedroom or an existing nook. Get set up with your most comfortable couch or some floor cushions,
adding textures and fabrics like soft throws, blankets and scatters (muted, warm, natural colours work best, with just a pop of colour). Add a small side table – your mug must be within easy reach! Create the relaxing ambience of the corner with candles and warm lighting. You can achieve this by covering a lamp with a sheer summer scarf to mute its brightness. Add one or two potted plants to the space for a pleasant aroma and a little colour.

2. Lay down rugs

Cover up cold tiles or wooden floors with plush, stylish rugs to prevent cold feet. Depending on your décor, stick to neutral colours, or use rugs to introduce colour pops and create interest.

3. Make windows warmer

Light, airy curtains are ideal for letting the sun stream in during summer, but heavier curtains in warmer colours can up the cosiness factor in your house dramatically. Not only will they help keep the cold out and the heat in, but they’ll make the room more welcoming. Choose curtains that complement the existing colours in your room, or add scatters and throws to match the new curtain colour. Anything from warm, sandy, neutral tones to terracotta oranges and deep reds create warmth in a space.

4. Add warm metallics

Warmer metal tones like brass, copper and rose gold reflect light to create a soft, warming glow. Add furniture with warm-toned metal finishes, a few accessories and ornaments, or exchange plain frames around pictures and mirrors for brassy, radiant ones. Coloured, decorative candles around the room mean the light will be reflected in the metallic surfaces, amplifying the warm atmosphere. If you enjoy scented candles, choose fragrances that inspire feelings of
cosiness, like cinnamon and wood fire.

5. Incorporate sumptuous textures

Rich, soft textures like faux fur and velvet add luxurious warmth and cosiness to any space. Sinking into a couch or bed laden with soft, cushy fabrics will make you feel cocooned, safe and cosy.




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