We love our dads

We love our dads

We love our dadsEndless research shows the importance of the positive presence of Dad in a child’s life. Perhaps parenting is why men appear to come from Mars and women from Venus, because parents are meant to complement one another in their roles of parenting, and not offer the same approach. Dad is more inclined to play with his kids, and mom to impart training and self- development. From an emotional side, which some dads might struggle with, the Colorado State University Extension sees the following as beneficial to a ‘well-fathered’ child, and citing the other end of the spectrum as detrimental…

Helpful dads  
1 Notice lower intensity emotions in children.
2 See these emotions as an opportunity for intimacy or teaching.
3 Validate and empathise with emotions, even if there’s misbehaviour.
4 Help their child verbally label all the emotions he or she is feeling.
5 Set limits on misbehaviour or problem solve if there’s no misbehaviour.

Harmful dads
1 Are unaware of kids’ emotions until they escalate.
2 See negative emotions as toxic and a failure of parenting.
3 Try to change the emotion to a positive one, or dismiss the emotion.
4 See introspection as a waste of time or dangerous.
5 Disapprove of their child having negative emotions.


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