6 tips to create space in a small bathroom

6 tips to create space in a small bathroom

Whether you’re creating space or the perception of space, a small bathroom can be as enjoyable and effective as one that’s much bigger


Use colour, texture and bath ware to maximise every inch of space, and follow these 6 top tips from Zerona Gerber, in-house decor advisor for Bella Bathrooms & Tiles:

  1. Shades of Colour. Start by choosing a base colour from a light-coloured range and then use different shades of this colour in strategic areas of your bathroom. Use porcelain or marble tiles with a tile grain that matches your base colour. This will continue the colour, giving it an appearance of a seamless surface, which in turn makes the room feel larger.
  2. Walls. When it comes to the walls, horizontal stripes in a darker shade than the base colour can be used effectively to create the illusion of space. Stripes also give the impression of a rounded room shape, so that the room is experienced as a softer and larger space.
  3. Mirror, mirror. Mirrors create a three-dimensional effect, reflecting both the light and the colours in the room, making the room seem larger by visually opening up the bathroom space.
  4. Additional space. Creating recesses in the wall space above the bath or in the shower adds character and provides excellent place for storage. These areas can be a slightly darker shade than your base colour, which draws the eye to the space.
  5. The towel effect. There are various solutions for the placement of towels. A heated towel rail placed against the wall helps maximise floor space, while an integrated towel rail on a bath or a vanity also provides a practical space-saving solution. Use towels in a brighter but matching colour to your base shade, so that they create a source of interest in both texture and colour.
  6. Accessorise. Accessories can introduce elegance while creating a neat, uncluttered look. Items such as a freestanding hook holder provide storage for towels or robes, while an accessory like a hairdryer holder keeps the bulky hairdryer in its place, contributing to an overall sense of order and maximising the bathroom space.

Ideally you should aim for a balance between empty space and space occupied by bathroom items, using a ratio of 60: 40. In this ratio 60% of the room can be filled with the necessary items, leaving 40% of empty space, without any ornamentation, in order to prevent an overcrowded effect.

Use these ideas as a starting point and introduce your own preferences, to create a bathroom that maximises space while including your individual creative touch.

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