Teenagers’ bedrooms

Teenagers’ bedrooms

Teenagers’ bedrooms usually become their special space, the place they go for downtime and to re-group. Learning how to step out for a while and enjoy a sanctuary alone is a great skill, but one that many don’t make use of. Here are some tips on how to help your teens make the most of their sanctuary…


In order to avoid chaos and create calm, try to use some of these ideas to help them decorate their own space:

  1. Always use bold colours. Try for three colours to play with that will complement the personality of your teen.
  2. Choose a focal point. Let’s be honest, money can be a concern in this type of project, but don’t let that put a stop to your decorating plans! Choose one area in the room as a focal point. Either paint a wall in a bright colour or find another way to draw attention to that spot.
  3. Space can be an issue. You don’t want your teen feeling cluttered in their calming space. Shelving is a great way to create more packing and display space in their room, and a great way to clear up some much-needed floor space. Shelves help to create an open space and a calmer feeling.
  4. Keep it flexible. Teenagers need a space that is multipurpose: space to work (homework and studying), and to relax (their sanctuary). Be careful not to lean too much towards one facet while ignoring the other when creating their space. Make use of furniture that has a host of uses and plan the layout in a way that will accommodate their different requirements.
  5. Most importantly – listen to their needs and ideas. They’re usually up to date with trends and ideas, and these ideas are (sometimes surprisingly) good. Don’t steer clear of their suggestions. Rather help them to realise their vision and guide them in achieving it!


Teenage years can be frightening, stressful and difficult. By providing your teen with a space they can call ‘safe’ you’re giving them the out they need to be able to de-stress from the challenges they face on a daily basis!


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