Tips to help you keep your clothes beautiful for longer

Tips to help you keep your clothes beautiful for longer

Treasure your favourite clothing items for longer by cleaning and protecting them the right way. We’ve compiled these tips with the help of the fibre scientists at Ariel:

Ariel Automatic

  1. Get your hands on Ariel Auto Liquid. It’s an advanced detergent that dissolves easily. Plus, it keeps your clothes in great shape – literally!
  2. Don’t let stains set in. Rinse as much of it as you can then apply some Ariel Auto Liquid directly onto it. The special cap is designed to gently scrub the stain. Then, wash as normal.
  3. Care for your clothes and save on electricity by using cold water when you wash. The fibres will stay intact and the colour will stay brighter for longer.
  4. Do not use regular, chlorine bleach on your clothes. It will weaken the fibres and compromise the colour.
  5. If the weather is good, rather air dry your clothes (out of direct sunlight). The tumble dryer’s high temperatures can damage your favourite items.
  6. Lastly, iron your garments inside-out to avoid applying heat directly to the side you show off to the world!

Ariel Auto Liquid is available at your nearest major retailer.

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