Wallpaper tips and tricks

Wallpaper tips and tricks

Follow these professional tips from the team at Graffiti Retail Solutions and take the fuss out of wallpaper application…

Where to use wallpaper

  • If you’re using wallpaper in a bathroom or kitchen where steam and condensation impact the longevity and look of a wall, be sure to use washable, vinyl wallpaper that’s easy to wipe down. The same should be applied to nurseries and playrooms.

Choosing the right paper

  • Choosing wallpaper that suits you, your home and personality is very personal, but also needs to suit requirements of the room. Light paper will make a room appear bigger, while vertical stripes add height to a room. Pastel shades and horizontal stripes add width, and a large print will make a room feel smaller.
  • Consider the colour of the wall paint and the other furniture already in the room and make sure it complements each other. Don’t introduce wild geometrics if you already have a busy floral look.

Hanging your own wallpaper

  • Once you have selected your design and colours, calculate how much paper you need. Multiply the height of the room (in metres) by the number of widths needed to get the total length of wallpaper required, and divide this by the length of a roll. Graffiti printed wallpaper comes in 1.3m standard width and up to 50m-long rolls. (If installing yourself, be sure to order a little extra in case things go wrong.) Standard patterned and textured wallpaper comes in a standard width of 600mm and a length of up to 50m, depending on the wallpaper selected.
  • Before you start applying the paper, make sure the wall is well prepared – clean and smooth. Wall preparation is key to successful installation.
  • As you start to apply it, be sure the first piece is straight – this influences how well the rest of the pieces are applied.

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