10 steps to make that spring nail colour last

10 steps to make that spring nail colour last

Hopefully you’ve used the under-wraps winter months to sort out any nail problems (ridges, splitting, fungi) and are now ready to show off your nails in a burst of springs hottest colours. Here are 10 ways to fabulous spring nails and ways to make your mani-pedi last!


  1. Keep your nails short. When they’re long you’re more likely to use them to help you open tins, remove stickers and subject them to general abuse.
  2. Use gloves for housework to protect against breakages and to avoid your hands drying out from exposure to household cleaners and detergents.
  3. Always seal the edges with colour as well as top coat.
  4. So you’ve put the kids to bed and have a few hours of me-time before bed. Sorry, this is a bad time to do your nails. Your polish, even after drying, may take some time to harden and you’ll likely end up with sleep lines on your pedicure, come morning.
  5. Avoid using hand sanitizers. The high alcohol content dries out our nails and the skin around them.  Rather opt for warm soapy water for hand washing.
  6. Don’t soak your nails for too long. They absorb water and swell during prolonged soaking. As they dry they shrink, causing cracks in your polish.
  7. Be careful of fast drying top coats.  They may speed up matters towards the end but if the base layers are still soft, you’ll end up with smudges anyway if you bump your nails, even if they felt dry.
  8. Never shake nail polish bottles. Always roll the bottle gently between your hands to stop bubbles forming.
  9. Finish filing completely before painting. Attending to sharp edges afterward will undo your sealed edges and leave your careful coats vulnerable to damage.
  10. Use thinner coats and more of them rather than rushing the process with a thick coat. Bubbles are more likely to form on thicker coats.



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