10 tips for juicing

10 tips for juicing

From weight loss to improved skin and hair, the benefits of juicing are endless. In fact, in his latest book, Joshi’s Total Health for Life, Ayurvedic nutritionist to the stars, Nish Joshi, shares his top 10 tips for juicing.

  1. Buy a cheaper juicer. Take it one step at a time. You can always upgrade your juicer when you really get into it.
  2. Ease into it. Your body will take a little time to get used to the concentrated nutrients.
  3. Drink juice on an empty stomach. This aids absorption and allows nutrients to pass into your intestine faster.
  4. Buy the best quality fruits and vegetables you can afford – preferably organic.
  5. Soak fruit and veggies before juicing to wash away pesticides.
  6. Drink juice immediately after you make it; it’s highly perishable and quickly loses its nutrients.
  7. Don’t mix fruit and vegetable juices. They will ferment in the gut and cause bloating.
  8. Start by trying the veggies and juices you like non-juiced and get used to the flavour.
  9. Once you have a taste for single juices, experiment and add more to the mix.
  10. Remember not to eat all your fruit and veggies this way. Juices lack fibre, so it’s important to eat the whole fruit or vegetable too.

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