5 ways to a salon-perfect blow dry

5 ways to a salon-perfect blow dry

Thandi Mashini from the Sorbet Dry Bar in Johannesburg shares her 5 ways to a salon-perfect blow dry at home.

5-ways-to-a-salon-perfect-blow-dryUse the correct products. Make sure your shampoo, conditioner and treatment are specifically designed for your hair type.

Rinse thoroughly. Towel dry and apply your heat protector or silicone to seal the hair follicle. When it comes to how much product to use, most of us use way too much which can make the hair greasy. Thandi recommends a small blob of product the size of a 5c coin – a little goes a long way.

Use good-quality tools. A dryer and a styling brush are a must! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the right tools, so shop around.

Dry upside down. To give your hair volume and body, begin by rough drying your hair upside down until it’s 80% dry. Flip over and divide your hair into manageable sections, then clip them into place so they don’t come loose.

Blow dry a section at a time. Work your way around your head, using your styling brush. Brush your hair from root to tip in one fluid motion, aiming your hairdryer at it along the way. Focus on your roots to create extra body. Once all sections of your hair have been dried, finish off with some  hairspray.



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