The best Black Friday deals in South Africa

The best Black Friday deals in South Africa

Black Friday deals in South Africa

It’s that time of year again where we aren’t exactly sure why we’re celebrating Black Friday in South Africa but we’re definitely not complaining about all the deals!

This year Black Friday is on the 23rd of November and these are the best Black Friday deals we could find…


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday started in the USA and is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving (Friday). It marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season and almost all stores in the USA have huge sales to attract customers. People queue for hours to get their hands on bargains.  It’s basically the sale of the year!

Why Black Friday specifically?

The black portion of the name relates to business. In business you traditionally record a loss in red ink and a gain in black ink. Store owners can make huge profits on this day with the numbers of people that flock to see what’s on special.

Why are we celebrating it in South Africa?

It’s a trend that most notable days and international holidays sooner or later become our own, like Halloween for example. The Black Friday trend has really picked up in South Africa over the last few years, mainly because everyone is interested in getting their hands on those Black Friday deals!


Here are our tips for shopping Black Friday deals on the 23rd of November:

  1. Know what you want. As with any sale, it can be extremely tempting to purchase everything that’s on sale but the reality is that you can’t afford it. Have a list of items you need/ want to splurge on and stick to those. Especially when it comes to shopping online – it’s way too easy to hit that ‘add to cart’ button!
  2. Know your stuff. Don’t get caught up in the Black Friday hype. You’ve got time; search the items you want to purchase and know their prices. That way you’ll know exactly how much you’re saving come sale day and whether it’s worth it or not. Avoiding spontaneous purchases and having compared prices beforehand is the key to ACTUALLY saving on Black Friday.
  3. Set your alarm. If you’re shopping online set your alarm clock for midnight on Thursday the 22nd of November and if you’re heading in-store be ready to be in the queue by 6am in most stores (check Black Friday business hours with the retailer beforehand).


So who has the best Black Friday deals in South Africa?

Black Friday deals in South Africa


  • usually run specials across their ENTIRE site! That means Black Friday deals across all categories. That’s why they’re at the top of our list. However, they have moved away from the name Black Friday and their sale is called the Blue Dot Sale. This sale runs for 5 days and you can shop from the comfort of your own home. You can have a look at some of their deals here. 
  • Checkers has hinted that they will have Black Friday specials in-store. We REALLY hope this includes stationery. Click here and subscribe to be the first to know when and what exactly Checkers have planned for this Black Friday!
  • If last year is anything to go by – Makro will have some pretty sweet Black Friday deals. Last year saw deals like 40% off appliances, 43% off hi-tech, 25% off Christmas tree decor, 25% off clothes and more. For more information on the Makro Black 5 Day Sale (you apparently need to register to shop these deals) click here.
  • Zando is doing pretty much the same thing – sign up to their newsletter at the bottom of their home page to be alerted of any Black Friday deals.
  • CNA had quite a nice selection of Black Friday deals last year so sign up to their newsletter here to be kept in the loop this year.
  • Edgars has joined the countdown to Black Friday and you can sign up to their newsletter here to get the scoop early!
  • Pick n Pay will also have Black Friday deals, although they have already released some sweet deals online! Last year they had up to 50% off selected items so we’re sure you’ll be tempted by some amazing deals this year too! Click here for the details. 
  • Shoprite is also promising 50% off selected goods!
  • You can already start shopping fabulous weekly deals as part of the Wellness Warehouse Black November online sale.
  • The Kid Zone has HUGE Black Friday deals that are already live. Some of the items are over 50% off! Sounds like the perfect opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping done if you ask us. Click here to view these deals.
  • The Gadget Shop will have lots of Black Friday deals – sign up to their newsletter here to be the first to hear what’s up for grabs! They also have a really nifty list of Black Friday shopping tips so be sure to give that a read before you tackle the sales. You can also win big with the gadget shop here! 
  • Travelstart had amazing offers last year, lasting a few days after Black Friday. You can sign up to their newsletter here to receive information about these deals as they are released.
  • Clicks has hinted that they’re bringing us all the specials so keep an eye on their event page here.
  • MR Price is starting Black Friday early on the 19th already so be sure to browse their website from the 19th of November! 
  • Save 50% on a 1-year subscription to Your Family Magazine! Click here: or phone: 087 405 2005 or email: [email protected] .

There seems to be something for everyone looking to strike a deal this year. Happy shopping!


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