Bobotie springrolls tutorial

Bobotie Springrolls tutorial

Follow our recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare Bobotie Springrolls in this tutorial.

Bobotie springrolls


  • 15 sheets springroll pastry
  • 1 batch Maizena paste (see tip)

How to

  1. Place 1 pastry sheet in a diamond shape in front of you.Boboti-springrolls-step-1
  2. Place about 30ml of filling in a line in the corner closest to you. Boboti-springrolls-step-2
  3. Bring the two side corners in over the filling and roll up tightly and fold over to enclose the filling.
  4. Brush the end piece of pastry with Maizena paste to seal it.Boboti-springrolls-step-4



For the Maizena paste, combine 30ml Maizena with 30ml water.

Click here for the full Bobotie Springrolls recipe.


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