Donate a carton of long life milk and make a difference!

Donate a carton of long life milk and make a difference!

Tetra Pak have partnered up with Feed SA, Clover, Parmalat and Woodlands and launched a campaign called Milk for Change which aims to fight undernourishment among South Africa’s larger communities as well as to educate them about the nutritional benefits of long life milk.

Milk for Change

What the campaign is all about

Milk for Change will collect long life milk donations by consumers from select retailers across Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal and donate them to communities in need.

Consumers are encouraged to donate one or more packs of long life milk during the week of May 26 – June 1. Feed SA will collect donated milk packs directly at the stores, audit the volumes and deliver them to the communities in need.

Tetra Pak aims to innovate for sustainability because they care about peoples’ futures and protecting what’s good. They believe that long life milk plays a crucial role in protecting the future and here’s why:

  • It’s convenient and can be stored for longer thanks to it’s packing technology.
  • It’s available everywhere because it can easily be transported (including long distances as it doesn’t require refrigeration).
  • Many families in South Africa don’t have adequate access to store liquids and foods so long life milk is an ideal way to overcome this challenge.
  • Milk and dairy products are nutrient dense and provide high quality protein and micronutrients in an easily absorbed form.

How you can get involved

  • Donate long life milk at any of the collection points at select retailers (you can view these on ) between the 26th of May and the 1st of June.
  • Every donated carton of milk will get a sticker that you can use to send the recipient a message if you would like – and they will be able to reply via the website so keep watching the site for updates and progress!

Elana Afrika on the #milkforchange movement 

Elana Africa milk for change

Elana Afrika shared her passion for this movement with us and here is what she had to say:

  • I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support from people in my life with dreams and vision. We can all make a difference in the lives of others.
  • I went to a very poor school where they would take the tops off the taps so that we would not drink the water. I would drink a glass of milk at 10:00 and it was the highlight of my day every day because once I had drank that I felt that I could continue with my day and focus on what I needed to focus on.
  • Even the smallest donation can make a big difference – please please donate and help us make a change!
  • As a new mother, I have realised what milk means to a person; my babba picks up 2kgs in a week if I feed her too much milk and that just shows you the nutritional value of it. If we can get milk to kids that have no food, we will be making a big difference in their lives.

Keep an eye on and use the hashtag #milkforchange if you get involved!

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