Edible flowers

Edible flowers

edible flowers

Edible flowers and flower flavours are everywhere this year!

As well as being pretty, they’re delicious and make a great impact when entertaining too. Always make sure to wash them in cold water and dry them on paper towels before use. Store in the fridge for up to a week in an airtight
container lined with a damp paper towel.


Make sure you’ve done your research on which flowers you can use, as some are poisonous. These are the ones we like to use:

Baby marrow blossoms

are bright yellow and have a delicate and slightly sweet taste. Enjoy them stuffed with feta or goat’s cheese, or deep-fried with herbs or shrimp.


have a slightly peppery taste. Use them in cold soups, salads, rice paper spring rolls or deep-fried in tempura batter.

Hibiscus flowers

have a sweet and tart cranberry-like flavour. Pick the petals of these large flowers to use in teas and flavoured
syrups for drinks.


perfumed tasting hardy flowers are great to use in bakes like scones and shortbread, or add the buds to bubbly
or gin and tonic.


have a strong, sweet, floral scent with a subtle fruity flavour. Roses are great to use in jams, teas, and desserts like mousse, ice cream, ice lollies or apple rose tarts.

Pansies and violets

come in a range of beautiful colours, from pastel to vibrant and two-tone, and have a slightly sweet, grassy, floral taste. Use them in fruit or green salad, cocktails, pressed onto cheese balls or frozen into ice cubes, or in sugar lollies.


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