Help stop the 'Rape Day' online game!

Help stop the ‘Rape Day’ online game!

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Take a stand!

Avon and 1000 Women Trust have launched a pioneering petition and urge South Africans to support legislation to ban video games that promote violence against women.

Avon, the biggest direct-selling company in South Africa, has announced that it has committed its full support to the 1000 Women Trust petition. This follows the creation of the controversial ‘Rape Day’ online video game, which the developer still plans to launch in 2019, despite global condemnation.

What is the ‘Rape Day’ game?

Due to launch later this month, despite the outrage, The ‘Rape Day’ game is a new PC game that lets players rape and kill women as they progress through its story of ‘violence, sexual assault, necrophilia and incest’.

Avon and the 1000 Women Trust have launched a petition to stop the ‘Rape Day’ game

“As a responsible corporate citizen, committed to the protection of South Africa’s women through our stand4her initiative, we simply could not stand by while platforms that glorify violence and rape actually exist in our world,” says Katlego Modipane, Snr PR and Corporate Affairs Specialist of Avon.

He continues, “We fully support the tireless work of the 1000 Women Trust in raising awareness of violence against women and respectfully challenge all South Africans, as well as other responsible companies, to support and share the petition with their respective communities to enact real legislative change.

“This initiative is also especially poignant in the month of Human Rights Day, whereby all South Africans – women and men – are being reminded of their right to human dignity, equality and freedom, as well as recent cultural movements to highlight sexual harassment and abuse such as #MeToo.”

How can I make a difference?

To lend your support to the campaign, sign the petition here and, when sharing on social media platforms, use the hashtags #RapeisNotaGame and #stand4her (you can share this straight to your social media pages by using the icons at the top of the page).

Who will the petition be handed over to?

Tina Thiart of the 1000 Women Trust explains that the petition will be handed over to multiple influential parties, which include the Minister of Women in the Presidency, the Minister of Communications and Telecommunications and the United Nations. “The issue of rape is not a game and, with statistics revealing that an estimated 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime, this sort of platform will not only further contribute to the societal problem, but also drive desensitisation among youth.”


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