The only malva pudding recipes you’ll ever need!

Best malva pudding recipes

Malva pudding is a South African favourite and in some households, no celebration goes by without a warm bowl of trusty malva pudding to finish it off. Everyone needs at least a few foolproof malva pudding recipes and that’s why we put together this collection.

This spongy sweet pudding is of Cape Malay origin and traditionally contains apricot jam and a delicious cream sauce that is poured over it while it is hot. Serve with hot custard and ice-cream and you’ve got a winning dessert on your hands!

Whether you’re looking for classic malva pudding, banting-friendly malva pudding (yes, you read that right) or malva pudding with a twist (we’re looking at you, malva pudding cake!), we’ve got you covered. If you like one of the recipes, just click on the picture and it’ll take you straight to the recipe.

Classic malva pudding 

Classic malva pudding

Served with a brandy snap and a scoop of ice cream, this simple malva pudding recipe is very moreish and always a crowd pleaser!

Irish coffee malva pudding 

Irish coffee malva pudding

For a more adult affair, this Irish coffee malva pudding is a delicious, boozy twist on every South African’s favourite dessert.

Malva cake 

Malva pudding cake


Yes, you read that correctly! We’ve turned this South African tradition into a decadent malva cake. It’s a real showstopper.

Best banting malva pudding 

Banting friendly malva pudding

Following a low-carb diet? No problem. We’ve found the best banting malva pudding recipe ever!

Naartjie malva pudding 

Naartjie malva pudding

This naartjie malva pudding is heart-wrenchingly delicious with a lovely, subtle naartjie tang.

Chocolate malva pudding 

Chocolate malva pudding

What’s better than malva pudding? Malva pudding with chocolate of course! This chocolate malva pudding takes two classics, chocolate and malva pudding, and creates one extra irresistible dessert!

Amarula malva pudding 

Amarula malva puddingPut a new spin on a popular dessert with this Amarula malva pudding! We’ll take two bowls please…

For two scrumptious malva pudding recipes in Afrikaans see below:


malvapoeding Sjokolade-malvapoeding





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