Spend quality time together this winter with board games galore

Spend quality time together this winter with board games galore

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Prima Toys’ large range of board games for old and young will entertain and delight through all the cold winter nights.

Whether it’s fidgety little ones or busy teenagers, Prima Toys has you covered with their range of board games. From Disney Junior Surprise Slides (ages three and up) to Wikipedia: the Game or 20 Questions (ages eight and up), the whole family can have fun away from screens and fidget spinners. Just look at these wonderful games you and your family can play:

For the kids: Disney Junior Surprise Slides

Let the kids join Jake, Sofia, Doc and their friends on a wacky slide race! An ideal first game for preschoolers, the game encourages counting, colour recognition, turn-taking and playing together. Let them turn over the large tiles to reveal slides that can have them travelling forward or backwards. It’s a different game every time you play.

For the older kids and teens: King Pong

Get them away from the screens for a bit and let them test their accuracy and speed with the King Pong game. King Pong aims to test your skills by attempting to bounce balls one by one through the window or down the funnel at the top of the game. Empty your tray, shut the door and claim your winner’s title! This game is great for ages eight and up and 2-4 players.

For the whole family: 20 Questions

Perfect for testing your general knowledge (or brushing up on those skills), 20 Questions will keep you, the family and even friends entertained and pitted against each other in a battle of wits. Each round features a new mystery topic from history, entertainment, sports or culture. As clues are read aloud, the players need to find the correct answer. The fewer clues you need to guess correctly, the more spaces you get to move on the board. For two or more player, ages eight and up.

Anti-monopoly – the Real Estate Trading Game for the 21st Century

Don’t be fooled by this familiar-looking game – this one has an exciting twist! Players get to choose whether to play as free enterprise or monopoly and are then subject to different rules. Free enterprises charge fair market value, while monopolists take over whole neighbourhoods and up the rents. Who will come out on top? For two to six players aged eight and older.

Say goodbye to boredom forever by investing in a few Prima Toys board games – the most difficult part will be choosing which one to play first. So get the blankets and hot chocolate, choose your team and let’s go!

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