Teach your teens about financial responsibility – with an app

Teach your teens about financial responsibility – with an app

Teach your teens about financial responsibility

Raise a financially mature adult by teaching your teen about financial responsibility. And what easier way is there than through an app?

Building good financial habits today means reaping the rewards tomorrow. But the trouble is finding an accessible way that suits today’s teens’ learning style to learn about financial life skills. These skills include budgeting, saving and spending in a way that will build a strong financial base for now and the future. Now they can learn all they need to know and make and keep track of your budget with one easy-to-use web-based app.

Smart planning

Let the online web-based education help you to make your own, personalised monthly budget. Real world examples of financial planning along with explanations of financial terms, etc. make it easier than ever to do your own financial planning.

Smart spending

Learn how to be a smart spender with Money.Life and manage money so that it lasts. Learning how to keep to a budget early in life will make it a lot easier later in life.

Smart saving

Start saving from a young age to make it second nature. See money grow and see how easy it can be to have a financially secure future through smart budgeting, smart spending and smart saving.

Teaching teens about financial responsibility

The Money.Life app in short:

  • Web-based learning
  • Suitable for early teens to college students
  • Access anywhere on mobile
  • Bank account integration
  • Prepare for financial success
  • Only R45 per quarter per user

Change your money habits now! Visit: money-life.co.za | Instagram: @moneylife_smartplanning | Facebook: @moneylife.smartplanning

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