World Cleanup Day 2018

World Cleanup Day 2018

World Cleanup Day 2018

How you can get involved and do your bit this World Cleanup Day 2018!

Each year, an estimated 8 million tonnes of litter end up in the environment, seriously threatening us, our wildlife, soil, water and even air. The 15th of September marks World Cleanup Day, which challenges people to take real action in solving this massive waste problem.

How it works

Plastics|SA and Let’s Do It! Africa have partnered to provide resources towards the biggest global cleanup the world has witnessed. The aim is that 5% of the globe’s population mobilises on the 15th of September to pick up litter.

World Cleanup Day will start in New Zealand when the sun rises and move around the globe with the time zones until the sun sets in Hawaii 36 hours later. 150 countries have committed to the Let’s Do It! campaign globally – 60 of those in Africa and South Africa is proudly one of them!

Coastal Cleanup Day

Plastics|SA has been partnering with Ocean Conservancy for the past 22 years by coordinating South Africa’s involvement in the yearly International Coastal Cleanup Day. It’s a Saturday in September when thousands of volunteers are encouraged to help collect litter from our waterways as part of Cleanup & Recycle SA week. This year it will take place from 10-15 September 2018, culminating in the first World Cleanup Day.

4 things you can do to help this World Cleanup Day:

  1. Pick up and dispose of litter found in your area or neighbourhood park.
  2. Recycle an old plastic bottle and make this pink piggy with the kids, while using it as a teachable moment to educate them on why it is good to recycle.
  3. You can also make this DIY rustic herb ‘hothouse’ station for your kitchen.
  4. Recycle more than just your plastic, paper and glass – we show you how to grow your own scraps!  

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