Yummy holiday lunches for less

Tired of your family pulling up their noses at leftovers? With these tips you can make your next meal a winner – and use up all those leftovers.

Don’t let food go to waste when your family doesn’t finish it all in one sitting. Not only will you end up saving money, but you will also find some new and interesting dishes and flavours.

Sandwiches, wraps and salads

Use leftover chicken or beef to make sandwiches, wraps or a chicken salad. To liven up a dull chicken sandwich you can add some mayonnaise and even add a bit of a bite by adding a pinch of curry powder to the mayonnaise.

Mouth-watering pasta

Use leftover chicken, mince, or veggies to create a scrumptious pasta dish. To make the meal more convenient, buy a packet of pasta with sauce that you can make in one pot. Create variations on macaroni and cheese by adding a layer of mince to the bottom of the dish in which you are going to bake the macaroni and cheese. Do the same with veggies for a vegetarian option.

Homemade iced tea

Iced tea is the perfect drink to quench a summer thirst and can easily be made at home. To make iced tea at home, simply take 2 tea bags – of the tea of your choice – and add 4 cups of boiling water. Leave for 3-5 minutes and then sweeten to taste. Add a few cups of ice cubes, stirring the tea until they have all melted. To add different flavours to your tea, add sliced fruit like lemon or strawberries and leave the mixture in the fridge for the flavours to infuse. You can also add fresh ginger for a zingy summer drink.

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